60 to 100.

what a week.
i had some troubling symptoms the last - oh, i don't know - couple weeks? maybe a month.
i called my cardiologist...i knew individually they could have been/be anything, but coupled together? my instincts said call cardio.
i was supposed to be on 6 months between appts with my regular cardiologist, 3 months with my EP.
i made it a month between EP appts, and 3 months now with cardio. sigh.
anyways. after discussing symptoms at length with him, and reviewing meds, we made a plan.
blood work.
chest xray.
all relatively standard, but i had a stat in office echo for him to review later that night, and then the rest today.
i go back in a week. as his assistant told me, "oh, you must be acting up."
from what i could tell, and what the tech could tell me, my echo showed tricuspid regurg, mostly likely to my pacemaker.
and speaking of pacemaker, i'm now paced 100% of the time. that's up from 60-70% just in march when they implanted it.
few thoughts on that:
1) i'm super thankful i pushed my new EP to implant it, this proves it was, in fact, necessary.
2) not only is my degeneration of my sinus node extremely rare for someone under the age of 60, it's severe. it's supposed to take years and years to progress as rapidly as mine has in 2 months.
the plan is to review size/function of my heart, chemistry levels and kidney function, and compare my chest xray from the hospital stay in march to see what my sneaky lungs are up to.
my cardiologist has a few ideas as to what's going on, but he isn't 100% certain on any of them. he even said he's kinda stumped. swell.
we'll see what the plan is on wednesday. in the meantime - it's thinking happy thoughts and realizing all of this has already been committed and known by God.

'he heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. he determines the number of stars and calls them each by name. great is our lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.' - psalm 147:3-5

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Elli Gawne said...

so, as much as i HATE everything that you have to deal with, and i would easily take it from you in a second if i could, i do think that God has big things planned for you. he has known this will happen since you were born and he is using you for his work. so, as much as it sucks, keep your head up and keep trudging on. at least they are trying to find answers unlike ahem, dr su...ahem.